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About Our Company

Executive Summary

Your one-stop branding shop, EE Enterprise provides companies with the tools they need to successfully build a recognizable brand. We only hire the best creatives for our team, and they bring years of experience in graphic design, content writing, website building, and brand strategy. Whether your brand is in need of a refresh, or your company is just starting out, let us make your vision a reality.

Our main three services include Media Production, Social Media Promotion, and Brand Consulting and our dedicated team can provide additional services when needed. Our Media Production department has the capabilities to produce original animated videos, design attention-grabbing images for Facebook and Instagram as well as craft stunning images for use in your catalogs and look books. Our professionals provide exceptional turnaround time when compared to many U.S. based companies—we meet and often exceed strict deadlines.

The Social Media department will work with you to create a results-driven strategy across all major platforms, enabling you to expand your reach, ultimately leading to more sales. We know the ins and outs of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo and our team knows the importance of learning the new features and trends of every social media platform so your content is modernized and up-to-date. Our team knows how to craft your message to reach the right people at the right time. We take analytics very seriously, and each message will be crafted to reach particular geographic regions, specific interest groups as well as age groups.

If the audience isn’t interacting with your content, we haven’t achieved our goals, which is why we ensure all of our posts are strategized to achieve organic growth and authentic audience engagement.

Finally, our Brand Consultants will help you find your unique place in an ever-changing competitive landscape. We have worked with brands across a variety of industries—from beauty to fashion, to sports teams and beyond, our team knows how to create a unique image in a competitive industry.

Contact us today, and let’s take the first step towards your brand’s success.

Mission Statement

Our mission at EE Enterprise is to provide all of our clients with results-driven branding services across all media platforms. Whether re-branding an existing brand, or starting from scratch, our experience in the industry and our staff of creative professionals provide proven media strategies to expand reach, create a unique brand image, and clear the path for success. We hold ourselves to high-quality standards and proudly stand behind all of your work and services. We believe that every company, regardless of industry, should have a chance to build a niche for themselves—let us give you the tools.

Our Office

Los Angeles, California
Phone: +1(310) 953-9727