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Social Media for Small Business

Social Media for Small Business

 Is not enough to sign up on Social Media, you must know how to launch a catchy message, how to excite and impress your readers. In short: you must know how to engage.


Before anything else, you must remember to perform a specific preparatory work. first of all your company, must have a well-organized and well-indexed website, but also a blog where you will bring together interesting articles, news, trivia and where, of course, you will publish information to promote your business. On the blog, your readers can interact by writing comments or asking questions about the products or services offered to you by the public. To these comments, you will have to respond with all the skill and as friendliness as possible, to guarantee a wide and solid loyalty to your potential customers


Role of Social Media for Small Business

Social media can influence the public of every company and especially that of a local business. Being able to get in touch with new customers and loyalty of others already acquired can be a good goal to increase turnover. But we need to question ourselves, review the tone of communication and rethink our product in this key. Especially if you are a small business involved in fashion, food, health, and wellness: the most social area in the global market.

That kind of business needs to be social but, above all, they must be “visual” and able to catch the eye of the reader to convert him into a customer.

The main goals that you can achieve with social networks are:

  • Increase of the Fan / Follower
  • Increase of the engagement
  • Enhancement of Brand Awareness: brand awareness
  • Management of a Social Customer Care, that is to manage your customers, their doubts and requests through Social Networks
  • Drive your business in real-time
  • Activate local initiatives and promotions quickly


Proceeding with the choice of the ideal social network may seem complicated, but it is less than what you think. First, let’s consider a few numbers that make us understand how big the audience we are going to get.


Facebook dominates above all among the most famous social networks. With over 2,072 million active users, it has a market share of 18%, 7% more than its nearest competitor.


Instagram: the growth of social media has been exponential, from 2013 to 2017, active users have gone from 90 million to 800 million, placing Instagram in third place among the most used in the world, behind Facebook and YouTube but in front of Twitter.



It has 1 billion unique monthly users, more than half of the views come from mobile platforms.

There are 300 hours of video uploaded every hour on the platform, and over 5 billion videos are shown on average in one day. 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to traditional television.



Today there are over 150 million registered users: important data considering that this goal was reached in only 6 years of life. The current value of this social network is more than 11 billion dollars, moreover, to witness the exponential growth of pinners is the increase, in recent years, 81% of the research carried out on the platform. Two-thirds of the elements that “pin” users come from corporate sites and 55% of users said they use Pinterest to find and buy products, while only 12% mentioned Facebook in this regard.




Social media Impact on Small Business


The most suitable social media for small businesses are the most visual ones as they allow the processing of what is called visual storytelling.  It’s very similar to a show and tells but nowadays is called “visual storytelling”. Publishing images is one of the most popular online activities and social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are a great way to turn your consumers into testimonials. And how do you do this? Telling stories through images (which is nothing but the definition of visual storytelling).


This is because these social platforms offer a space in which to tell the story of the brands and their values in a visual way. Thanks to photos and videos we can speak directly to the hearts of our consumers. Instagram especially and immediately after Pinterest, allows you to create inspiration and desire and an immediate involvement of the user. We can see, through a quick search on lifestyle, how Instagram is a testimony of the best moments according to the user, regardless of his interests and his passions. The niches of food, health, wellness are among the most used (and sought after) and involve thousands and thousands of users daily.


Facebook is the most widespread channel, it is used mostly by women (83% of online users) and by users aged 18 to 49 (Millennials and Generation Z). It reaches almost 2 billion unique users per month.


YouTube is used more by a male audience (55%) and reaches one billion unique users per month.

In third place for users reached monthly (600 million unique users) is positioned Instagram, used mainly by a female audience under the age of 35 years. An interesting fact to keep in mind is that 53% of registered users follow at least one brand.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, we advise starting the following social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.



It is suitable for any type of company regardless of its core business. You can share any type of content, including events and advertisements. The frequency of publication of the ideal post is one or two per day.

You can use Facebook to increase the appeal of your brand. On your page you will also find contents not strictly related to your sector: sometimes a nice image is enough to make the user have a positive impression of you.

Facebook also offers you many useful tools: in the page settings you can analyze statistics, promote it and much more. There is also an app dedicated to page management, for those who work on the move.



It is suitable for those who deal with lifestyle, food, fashion or represent personality and luxury brands.

You can share images and videos that emphasize the appeal of your brand (for example, publish on its profile the photos of users who wear their clothes or prepare dishes with your recipes, including famous personalities). The ideal frequency of publication is one post per day. Instagram is a very used social network “to disconnect”; therefore, the ideal time to reach your followers is when the working day comes to an end.

The sharing tools integrated in the same app are very useful. Thanks to these you can create a link between your Instagram account and that of another social network on which you are present. Also, make good use of hashtags; create one hashtag and that allows you to be easily found and that gives life to a trend.



It is suitable for brands that offer video content and advertising, or anyone who wants to teach something practical or want to share their expertise.

The ideal would be to share videos that capture attention or teach something, with a frequency of one or two a week. When you decide to propose video content, YouTube is the alternative that can help you to get more visibility as, being a product of Google, has absolute priority in the results of research: a great advantage in terms of SEO. In the description of your videos always include a link to your website to create a more direct contact. Also remind viewers to subscribe to your channel to reach them in the long term.



It is the ideal social network for those involved in fashion, food, design, travel and do-it-yourself. The contents to be published are many if it is visual and creative and able to capture the user’s attention. Anyone can re-pin your content, then publish many and with a link that refers to your website. Choose carefully the keywords of your posts so that they are categorized more accurately. Posts that fall into defined categories are more easily found by users and have more chances to be pinned and become popular.


Always remember

Social networks are powerful communication channels because they are “close at hand”. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it is no longer necessary to turn on the computer, wait for the upload and finally access the internet. All you need is a smartphone or tablet to connect with. Their power is also in the fact of reaching targets of any age. Social networks are not for kids as you commonly think. Research shows that the most popular age group on social networks is around 20 to 55 years old, that is, a group of people with an income.  Finally, social networks are free. This is an aspect that should not be underestimated both in a positive and negative sense. Unlike communication channels such as radio or newspapers, if you want to be present on social networks simply open a company profile. A few minutes, an internet connection and you’re done.

However, it should never be forgotten that the profiles, although they are our name on them, are not our property. This means that every social network has guidelines that must be respected for a correct use of the tool. Upstream must be made a detailed analysis of everything related to communication-related to the company, which can allow you to implement a strategy that also considers social networks as channels to convey the message. But when all this becomes difficult to manage, both due to lack of skills and lack of adequate tools, it is better to consider choosing to rely on external professionals who can give the right quality to communication as a whole


(All the stats are made by Pew Research Center on 2017)

Statista 2017

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