EE Enterprise | Social Media Services
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Social Media Services

In today’s Social Media age, it is crucial for any business to harness the power of SOCIAL MEDIA. Nowadays, consumers are not only making their purchasing decisions based on what they see on Social Media, but they are also buying services and products directly from Instagram or Facebook – without going to a company’s website.

If your business doesn’t have a Social Media page, you are losing out on revenue.

The work of SMM (Social Media Marketing) offers a wide range of tasks – from engaging your audience on social networks to working with your image, tweaking the perception of a company and its products or services, and boosting direct sales from Social Media platforms.

Running a business is tough enough. Let EE Enterprise manage your Social Media page(s), so you can focus on your business operations. EE Enterprise’s SMM specialists can help you to increase the reach of the audience interested in your products or services, while strengthening your image.

Our SMM specialists will manage the presence of your brand, promoting your products or services on the following social channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and others.


  • Strategy & Audience Research
  • Profile Setup & Integration
  • Social Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Ad Campaign Creation
  • Ad Management/optimization
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Solution & Promotion

Strategy & Audience Research

  • Develop an overall strategy for your company’s presence on social networks and determine the impact of SMM on your business.
  • Integrate SMM-activities into the overall marketing strategy of your company.
  • Identify the target audience and investigate their interests and behaviors.
  • Expand your target audience through strategic growth of your live followers and subscribers (not fake accounts) with relevant engagement.

Profile Setup & Integration

  • Integrate the website with social platforms and drive traffic to your website.
  • Complete analysis of your account: content, design, and tips for optimizing the material of your page to better reach your target audience.
  • Page redesign, optimization and digital marketing consultation.

Social Content Creation

  • Create custom engaging graphic Social Media posts for your business or personal brand with uniquely written content.
  • Research key words/hashtags for your company; including your competition. All our posts include premium images with text, links and suggested keywords/hashtags.

Social Media Management

  • Preparation of weekly/monthly content marketing plan, and creating custom posts with engaging graphic for your business
  • Define time posting strategy based on your target audience’s presence online.
  • Social Media after post engagement that includes analysis of comments and reactions, user activity, and engagement reports.

Ad Campaign Creation

  • Manage content marketing and targeting ads, while advertising your product/services to your target audience.
  • Create user-oriented campaigns or ads that offer a considerable opportunity to reach your target audience directly and get people talking about your brand or content.
  • Redesign your cover photos monthly based on promos/events/sales/seasons.

Ad Management/optimization

  • Forecast and optimize the budget of targeting ads on Facebook and Instagram, based on data insights. Never gamble with your money.
  • Design and conduct social campaigns, contests and flash mobs, and promote your events.

Analytics & Tracking

  • Use various analytical and data-mining services to optimize SMM-works.
  • Generate various analytical performance assessments and target audience reports.

Solution & Promotion

  • Influencer market research, cross-references and collaboration
  • Design and conduct social campaigns, contests and flash mobs